Monday, June 30, 2008

Operations Manager 2007 and PowerShell recording

I did a presentation on Operations Manager 2007 and PowerShell, aka Command Shell for the System Center Virtual User Group's inaugural meeting announced HERE.

Here's is the roughly 50 minutes session that I did HERE (75MB/49 minutes 36 seconds).

Now, I've split up the recording into smaller sections for individual downloading:
1. Introducing myself (0.7MB/30 seconds).
2. General introduction to Windows PowerShell (14MB/8 minutes).
3. My upcoming TechNet article on Operations Manager and PowerShell (2MB/ 1 minute 35 seconds).
4. Operations Manager Command Shell (34MB/18 minutes).
5. A brief discussion of objects in .NET (12MB/7 minutes 22 seconds)
6. Customizing Operations Manager alerts (13MB/5 minutes 42 seconds).
7. Creating Command Shell scripts (2.5MB/1 minute 13 seconds).
8. Creating custom Command Shell reports (2.7MB/2 minutes).
9. Getting Command Shell help (1.5MB/1 minute 12 seconds).

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