Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Master post - WPVUG

This is a master post for information specific to my PowerShell virtual user group.

Meeting #10 (May 2009):
Glenn Sizemore: NetApp administration using PowerShell (
Sergei Anotonov (Microsoft): IIS PowerShell Snap-in functionality (
Bart De Smet (Microsoft): Using LINQ from PowerShell (
*Live Meeting Recording

Meeting #9 (February 2009):
Doug Finke: Data visualization in PowerShell.
Chad Miller: SQL Server PowerShell Extensions.
James Brundage (Microsoft): Using WPF from PowerShell.
**Unfortunately, the video for this meeting is not available.**

Meeting #8 (January 2009):
June Blender (Microsoft): "Exciting new help features in PowerShell v2".
Compellent (vendor): Data Center management: System Center Command Set for Windows PowerShell.
James O'Neill (Microsoft): His PowerShell library for managing Hyper-V.
*Live Meeting recording

Meeting #7 (December 2008):
Nathan Winters (MVP): "Exchange 2007 from PowerShell"
Joel (Jaykul) Bennett: "PowerShell tools for the Huddled Masses"
Idera (vendor): "PowerShellPlus graphical script editor"
*Live Meeting recordings

Meeting #6 (June 2008):
Bruce Payette (Microsoft): "PowerShell v2 modules"
Wassim Fayed (Microsoft): "PowerShell v2 remoting"
Hal Rottenberg: "Managing VMware Infrastructure using PowerShell"
*Live Meeting recordings
*Bruce Payette PowerPoint: v2 modules
*Hal Rottenberg PowerPoint: VMware and PowerShell

Meeting #5 (April 2008):
Bart De Smet (Microsoft): "Focus on extensibility (cmdlets and providers) and discuss v2 features: script cmdlets and internationalization"
Steven Nelson (Microsoft): "MSDN/SDK PowerShell documentation"
*Live Meeting recordings

Meeting #4 (February 2008):
Darren Mar-Elia (MVP): "Managing Group Policy with PowerShell"
Richard Siddaway (MVP): "Windows Server 2008 and WMI"
*Live Meeting recordings

Meeting #3 (January 2008):
Lee Holmes (Microsoft): "PowerShell: Pragmatic Programming, and Everyday Automation"
Karl Prosser (MVP): "Embrace the Admin Development model with agility by using tools and workflow that produce efficient, consistent results"
Brandon Shell (MVP): "Custom Objects in PowerShell"
*Live Meeting recordings

Meeting #2 (December 2007):
Don Jones (MVP): "New PowerShell Community site, Sapien's 2nd edition of PowerShell: TFM, and Sapien's PowerShell training"
Oisin Grehan (MVP): "PowerShell Community Extensions and project on Codeplex called PSEventing"
Jeffrey Snover (Microsoft): "The new PowerShell 2.0 Community Technology Preview (CTP)"
*Live Meeting recordings

Meeting #1 (October 2007):
Keith Hill (MVP): "PowerShell Community Extensions"
PowerGadgets (vendor): "PowerGadgets snap-in"
Marc van Orsouw (MVP): "PowerTab"
*Live Meeting recordings