Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Windows PowerShell Virtual User Group Meeting #2--update

Last week, I held my second virtual user group meeting announced HERE.  Overall, things went relatively well. 

Don Jones (MVP) started off after my introduction and talked about the new PowerShell Community site, Sapien's 2nd edition of PowerShell: TFM, and Sapien's PowerShell training.

Next was Dmitry Sotnikov (MVP) who was going to talk about Quest's Active Directory cmdlets and PowerGUI.  Dmitry had technical problems and was not able to complete his talk.  I'm hoping he will want to redo his presentation at a later time.

After Dmitry, Oisin Grehan did a presentation on advanced development he's working on with the PowerShell Community Extensions and talked about his other project on Codeplex called PSEventing.

Last up was Jeffrey Snover from the Microsoft PowerShell development team.  Jeffrey talked about the new PowerShell 2.0 Community Technology Preview (CTP).

Near the end, I made the mistake again of leaving myself on mute.  I talked away for at least 5 minutes while on mute to finish the meeting.  Maybe I'll get this right by meeting #3.

I've got the entire session recorded as a raw 10MB file.  I'll need to edit it and re-encode it, etc. before it is somewhat presentable.

I'll post an update when it is ready for viewing.

I've started planning meeting #3 for the mid-January timeframe.  Details to be announced in the next week or so with the list of tentative speakers.