Monday, September 7, 2009

READY: Should you care about Windows PowerShell?

I’m going to start blogging on the System Center Central web site.  The site is dedicated to Microsoft’s System Center product line, which covers a wide-range of products. 

I’m starting a series of blogs posts there to talk about using PowerShell while focusing on its use with System Center products. I’m going to title the series: “READY”, “SET”, “GO”. “Ready” is already posted HERE where I talk about why you should learn PowerShell.

The “Set” post will probably cover some PowerShell terminology you should really know, and may want to refer back to at any time, and finally the “Go” posts will be a potentially indefinite number of posts where I’m actually going to use PowerShell to try to do something productive to show you how you can use PowerShell.

The integration these System Center products have with PowerShell also greatly varies, and I plan to discuss this in future posts in the series.  I would expect them to have better integration in the future though.

Please feel free to leave comments at any time if you want me to cover anything in particular. My next post  in that series should appear in the next 2 weeks...