Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Windows PowerShell Virtual User Group #7--VIDEOS

So, I'm going with a different format this time. I'm going to post the raw videos, and simply post the timing for each section. This keeps the file sizes 10x smaller! It also saves me extra work.

Here's the "time layout" (format is MM:SS or HH:MM:SS):
-Intro (Marco) 8:55-16:00
-Nathan 16:00-44:55
-Joel 45:25-1:12:55
-Idera 1:13:10-1:33:55
-Closing (Marco) 1:35:00-1:38:45

For the details on each speaker's topic, see HERE.

WMV format: For use with most players

HFP format: This can be viewed through a web browser (the file needs to be unzipped)

Your feedback is welcome!