Sunday, November 2, 2008

Virtual user group update

I just announced my seventh meeting of my PowerShell virtual user group HERE. I'll be trying to spread the word this week that the event is coming up.

In July, I had announced HERE that the user group was alive and strong.

It has been about one year since my first online meeting. Live attendance has been steadily decreasing. I haven't found the extra time to figure out a mechanism to log downloads of my recorded sessions to determine whether these are actually useful/in use.

A few months ago, I was considering moving on to other things. Responses to my requests for presenters was about a 20% "yes, I'll do it" rate, which just isn't high enough for me.

I need to come up with a better marketing strategy, and get a few other things together to determine if this is something that brings a real value to a large enough number of people.

I will definitely try to have one more user group meeting around mid-December before I finally decide what things might look like in 2009.

Thanks for reading.