Friday, February 8, 2008

Microsoft event in Toronto: CCE

I'll be attending the Community Connection Event in Toronto on February 26th in the evening.  You can find more details HERE.

Basically, the event flow:

Intros - welcome and overview of the night.

State of the industry - perspective from CIPS (Canadian Information Processing Society) & ICTC (Information & Communications Technology Council).

Technology Demo - showing some high value pieces of new technology and how they could be implemented into your environment with minimal change.

Community story - perspective on the impact that participating actively in your LOCAL community and the rewards it brings.

Learning Circles - a "vote with your feet" concept of discussing 5 topics with a facilitator and bringing back the groups findings to the larger group.

Social Networking - meet other experts and LOCAL resources to strengthen your support infrastructure LOCAL to you - in your community.

This will be an opportunity to meet more people from across Canada that are passionate about IT!