Thursday, November 8, 2007

Windows PowerShell Virtual User Group Meeting #2

Windows PowerShell Virtual User Group Meeting  #2

Time: December 4th, 2007 at 12PM (noon) EST (New York time)
Place: Online via Live Meeting 2007

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Event Code: 122431


This is our second virtual event.  Invited speakers that will talk about various PowerShell-related topics: Don Jones (MVP), Dmitry Sotnikov (MVP), Oisin Grehan and Jeffrey Snover (Microsoft).

To join:!jC8R5b

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Meeting ID: 5K9Z2F
Entry Code: wW!jC8R5b
(NOTE: Our first meeting allowed people to call-in to listen the the audio.  This was very distracting, so this second meeting will only offer audio streaming over the Internet.  Therefore, you will need access to speakers or a headset to listen to the audio.  This session will be recorded and available for offline viewing later.)

12:00PM-12:10PM: Introduction
12:10PM-12:25PM: Don Jones (MVP)
12:25PM-12:40PM: Dmitry Sotnikov (MVP)
12:40PM-12:55PM: Oisin Grehan
12:55PM-1:15PM: Jeffrey Snover (Microsoft)
1:15PM-1:20PM: Closing
1:20PM-1:30PM: Live Q & A

Speaker topics (more details *soon* on
*Don Jones (MVP): New community site, new PowerShell TFM book and training.
*Dmitry Sotnikov (MVP):  Active Directory cmdlets and PowerGUI.
*Oisin Grehan: PowerShell Community Extensions development and .NET, COM and WMI Event handling in PowerShell
*Jeffrey Snover (Microsoft):  To be determined.

All details related to this event will be posted on

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