Sunday, October 21, 2007

Windows PowerShell Virtual User Group video--ONLINE!

OK, I had all kinds of problems getting the video from a recent PowerShell user group I started.  Our first meeting was October 3rd.

The raw video had to be edited, and I have problems editing the video.  PapaJohn helped me out a lot with figuring out how to edit a Live Meeting 2007 recorded session.  The final product was 100MB video file (raw was 15MB)!

I was finally able to get a place to put it: SkyDrive.  My upload sessions would time out if the file was over 30MB, so I had a lot of splitting to do.

(If I find a spot to put the entire 100MB file as one single file, I'll post an update here.)

Here's the resulting files, which I've split up by presenter (each is roughly 15-25MB).

  • Marco Shaw's introduction

I introduce myself, the user group.  I talk about the agenda, thank Microsoft and PowerGadgets for sponsoring this meeting, do some quick polls, then introduce each speaker.

  • Keith Hill's presentation on PowerShell Community Extensions

Keith talks about the PowerShell Community Extensions.  He talks about how many cmdlets there are per version, how the versions have grown in the number of lines, and where PSCX is heading.  Very good overview.


  • PowerGadgets' presenting their snap-in

Ivan from PowerGadgets gives a demo of their cmdlets.  PowerGadgets is very useful in providing a visual representations of their data.  It was a very strong demo of their snap-in.


  • Marc van Orsouw's presentation on PowerTab

Marc provides an overview of his PowerTab tab expansion extension to Windows PowerShell.  Definitely worth watching if you want to do stuff quicker in PowerShell.


  • Marco Shaw's closing

I close, thanking everyone, then open a Q & A to everyone.


  • Marc van Orsouw's closing discussion mostly on WMI

Marc shows his website, then we talk about his WMI explorer, and he shows a demo of it.


I definitely could have continued editing these files to get them almost perfect, but decided that it was time to finally release them, as there's no such thing as perfect...

I hope this all works.  Please leave a comment if I missed something or made an error.  I did want to put these up as a Flash presentation, but that didn't seem to be supported by SkyDrive.