Wednesday, April 25, 2007

PowerShell briefs

I recently attended a PowerShell/MMC workshop at Redmond. The main speaker was David Aiken from the Microsoft Developer & Platform Evangelism group. He uploaded the slides used: blog post #1 and blog post #2.

There were also 5 labs that were part of the workshop, and were very good exercises. David indicated that he should be posting these also soon maybe either on his blog or the PowerShell team's blog (can't remember).

One additional thing that was presented there was a new PowerShell help tool that is being built and is apparently days away from being released. You can copy and paste your information into a WPF application, and it will automatically build the PowerShell help file for you (based on the MAML schema).

I also got to meet David Aiken, Jeff Snover, and Bruce Payette while there. All very cool guys!