Friday, March 23, 2007

BlackBerry Enterprise Server SNMP agent extension

I was working on a trouble with doing some SNMP monitoring of a BlackBerry Entrprise Server 4.x.  I noticed I could not do any typical commands like get or walk on a particular server.  I read and re-read the vendor documentation, and still could not get BES SNMP to work, while it was working fine on another BES server we had.

Turned out that the server that didn't work had a BlackBerryServerSNMPAgent.dll version of 4.x, while the DLL that did work on another server was 2.x.  I copied the 2.x DLL over to the new server, restarted SNMP, and all is well.

So either the MIB variables are different, or there's something wrong with the 4.x DLL.  Perhaps the 4.x DLL has more 'monitoring points' or other added features, but what I found in the 2.x version met all my requirements.

(I intend on tying this into PowerShell for some advanced monitoring of BES.  It appears the only way to do monitoring of the client license usage might be via SNMP.)

(Also just blogging this to post this somewhere on the web.)